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Sinergia Telecom offers wholesale and retail VoIP termination services all over the world with main focus on Europe.

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  • Quality, Quality, Quality
  • Pricing — able
    to meet competition
  • Professional management
  • Easy terms for smaller companies
    and organizations
  • Productivity
  • Progressive technologies
  • Accurate billing and
    well-timed payments
  • Responsive
    customer service

Sinergia Telecom Limited is a telecommunication company, a professional one in the market of voice traffic termination in Europe.

Sinergia Telecom Limited is a team of experts who are constantly in creasing their professional levels. Our specialists permanently develop our on-network traffic for data transfer and operatively react to any administrative and technical tasks.

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We take pride in the profitable growth of Sinergia Telecom through efficient utilizing of our resources to provide outstanding customer service, a strong commitment to our partners, and providing opportunities of professional development for company’s employees.

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Vision of Sinergia Telecom is to be the company of choice, to deliver telecommunication services with high quality and to be a dominant player in telecommunication sector in the Europe.

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London, United Kingdom

OX28 4GE
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 70603754
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